The success of PHEIDIAS’s business development and successful 
commercialization is based on the following key aspects of the project. 

Technical advantages of the proposed hydro-metallurgical process 

  • Flexibility in use, as the minimum daily production capacity of the hydro-metallurgical production is 1400 SVCCs (or about 1 ton) and not necessarily in daily use.
  • Low energy consumption (operating at 70°C compared to 1200°C of commercial pyrometallurgical processes).
  • Much lower concentration/use of solvents that enhances the waste management performance.

Market advantages of the PHEIDIAS technology

  • A vertical development in the PGMs market.
  • The efficient production of PGMs products without needing to use the decanning services (removing the outer container) of the large pyrometallurgical factories provides a strong profit boost at PHEIDIAS’s business development.
  • Invest more resources in building a solid SVCCs supply network.

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